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Cam’Ron x Vado – #UNLostFiles (mixtape)

In case you haven’t been following the #UNLostFiles over the last few weeks, Killa and Vado put them all together, making life that little bit easier. You know the drill; tracklist down below, click here to download.

  1. Cam’Ron feat. Sen City – Titty Attack & Tears
  2. Cam’Ron feat. Rod Rhaspy – Love My Life
  3. Cam’Ron – Murder 1
  4. Cam’Ron feat. Vado & Rod Raspy – Higher Baby
  5. Vado – Badman
  6. Cam’Ron feat. Sen City & Vado – Just A Friend
  7. Cam’Ron feat. Vado & Sen City – Money Money Money
  8. Cam’Ron – My Side Of Town
  9. Vado – 14 Bricks
  10. Cam’Ron feat. Vado – Where The Mali At
  11. Cam’Ron x Vado feat. Sky-Lin – Sweet Thang
  12. Vado – One Time
  13. Cam’Ron feat. Vado – Panasonic
  14. Cam’Ron feat. Vado – Suga
  15. Vado – Slimes
  16. Cam’Ron feat. T.I. – Jungle
  17. Cam’Ron x Vado feat. Sen City – After That Paper
  18. Cam’Ron x Vado – Ain’t Gonna Happen
  19. Vado – Harlem

Cam’Ron feat. T.I. – Jungle

Killa and Tip go in on “Jungle“. Recognize the sample? Pure dopeness.

Vado – Slimes

The last track in week 3 of Killa’s #UNLostFiles sees Vado riding solo once again over the Beewirks-produced “Slimes“. Catch track 14 down below, which sees both U.N. members back together on “Suga“.

Cam’Ron feat. Vado – Panasonic

Killa and Vado link up once again for track number thirteen in the #UNLostFiles series. Down below is track twelve; Vado riding solo on “One Time“.

Cam’Ron feat. Vado – Where The Mali At

Killa kicks off week three in the #UNLostFiles series with another collaboration with Vado.

Cam’Ron x Vado feat. Sky-Lin – Sweet Thang

Ten tracks into the series. To close the week, Killa and Vado go in over a Mary J. Bilge classic, with Sky-Lin in tow.

Vado – 14 Bricks

Killa’s #UNLostFiles series continues on with Vado’s “14 Bricks” serving as the ninth track in the series.

Cam’Ron – My Side Of Town x Money Money Money (feat. Vado & Sen City)

Up top is “My Side Of Town“, Killa’s eighth track in the #UNLostFiles series, and below is “Money Money Money“, another collaboration with Vado and Sen City, which serves as the seventh track in the series. Once again, shouts to illroots for the links.

Cam’Ron x Vado feat. Sen City – Ohh Baby

Killa teams up with Vado for the first track in the second week of the #UNLostFiles series. “Ohh Baby” features Sen City and serves as the sixth track in the series. And if you missed it, catch “Badman“, the fifth joint in the series down below.

Cam’Ron feat. Vado & Rod Raspy – Higher Baby

Killa celebrates 4/20 a day early with Vado and Rod Raspy on “Higher Baby“, track four in the #UNLostFiles series.